Introduce yourself!

My name is Lesole Montshiwa in Gaborone, Botswana. I am a wildlife officer, working for Department of Wildlife and National Parks. I have long done ArcGIS at the University at undergraduate level and I have not been practicing
, taking this GIS beginner course will refresh and enhance my skill in using QGIS, especially the mapping component.

I’m Gafarou AGOUNDE from Benin Republic (Africa). I hold a Master in Management of Wildlife, Protected Areas, and Rangeland. Currently, I’m preparing to start a Phd in alien plant invasion. In my Master’s degree thesis, I assessed the potential effect of climate change on 14 elephant food considering limited and unlimited dispersal scenarios. This study has involved GIS and remote sensing data. Therefore, I would like to perfect my knowledge in GIS by attending to this course.

Hi everyone!

I’m Vanesa, I’m a biologist and I’m currently a postdoctoral fellow in Argentina. I study the anthropogenic impact on small mammal populations, especially in agricultural areas.
I have a background in SIG but I need to broaden and deepen my knowledge, that is why I am interested in this course.

Hi everyone,
I am Sangale from Kenya. I did my BSc in Wildlife Management and currently interning at a community based conservation organization in Eastern Kenya. I’m excited to learn more about QGIS in-order to grow my skills in GIS.

You are very welcome here, and not at all an interloper, Jonathan! I’m happy to share information about the awesome open source tools I’m using - just post a question in the Teach category if you’d like to hear more :nerd

It’s great to see other experts and educators here, and we all appreciate your willingness to share your expertise - thank you

Isaiah, what in particular have you been battling with? Tell us more (start a new topic under Learn/GIS) and maybe someone here can help, either now or later in the course

Offline access or downloads is a feature I’m keen to offer in the future, Matthew. What would work best for you?

Are you working with the wonderful Christos Astaras, who taught WildCRU’s PGDip after me?

As with any technical topic, there’s a lot of jargon to learn! Let us know if there’s a particular term or QGIS tool that doesn’t make sense and we’ll do our best to help you sort out your understanding

Hi I am Mmeso a graduate of geology. Nice to be here.

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My name is Powell Ndlovu. Am an ecologist by profession. I love Geography and I am looking foward to be one of the best GIS specialists in the whole world.


my name is prichard bhebhe a teacher by profession and am currently doing a monitoring and evaluation.GIS is a key component

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Hi everyone here , it my pleasure to be with you I am Mishell Chikunya, a firefighter by profession currently studying BA Geography and Disaster Management . I am hopeful that I will learn much and bring and apply the knowledge to my work place to save life in my community , the nation and world at large one day thank you.

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HI Mischell,
You may be interested in this organisation (MapAction - which I have been a volunteer with for the past 5 years. They provide mapping and information management support for Humanitarian Disasters around the world working with various regional disaster management organisations around the world as well as the UN via OCHA (Office for Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs).
Good luck with the degree.
Cheers Jonathan


Hello Aarthikannan
nice to meet you,it is okay


Hello Everyone! I am Menladi M. Lormie from Liberia, West Africa. I work for the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) as biologist in a proposed protected area. I control a small team of biomonitoring and Law enforcement group because of the status of the area. I am new to GIS and will like to learn new skills to help me make maps and do other analysis using this software.

Many thanks to the organizer.

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Hi everyone!!!
I’m a biology student from University of Zulia (Venezuela) and I’m currently a research student interested on sea turtles and marine environments mainly marine pollution and other risks for marine life forms.
I have worked with remote sensors before in order to study climate and environmental variables such as sea surface temperature (SST) because my studies in the areas I mentioned previously.
My expectancy of this course is to learn about this tool and expand my knowledge in order to improve my research skills.
I’m really excited for this course and happy for being here with all of you!!

Kind Regards

Royner Carrasquero


My name is Bolanle Olajiire-Ajayi. A graduate of B.Sc Geography with a M.Sc in Geography with Climatology option.
Have very minute knowledge in GIS and is eager to learn more. What’s to learn so I can use it in my PhD work


Hi Merlyn!

Did you by chance do the conservation biology masters through the Fitzpatrick institute? I got my masters through that program back in 2012!

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Hi all!

I’m currently a PhD student at the University of Oregon in Anthropology where I’m gearing up to do dissertation work that involves climate change, human-wildlife conflict, endangered species management, and food insecurity. I’m using a lot of remote data & GIS approaches to accomplish this - and while I have experience with doing this kind of work with ArcMap, I thought this course would be a nice opportunity to learn QGIS (I’ve only ever used ESRI platforms)! I did my masters in conservation biology at the University of Cape Town and have many years of work in the zoo field under my belt. Looking forward to working with everyone!

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My name is Katie. I am doing Zoology at the University of Reading. I thought this course would be a great to learn more about QGIS

Hi, I’m Karin Schwartz and I work in the intersection of the ex situ (zoological organizations) and in situ conservation communities. I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA and have worked at Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia and also have done fieldwork with Patricia Medici, Chair of the IUCN SSC Tapir Specialist Group as part of the Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative in the Pantanal. I’m interested in learning QGIS in order to enhance my skills in monitoring endangered species.

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Hi everyone. I’m Alabi Dhupe from Nigeria. I studied forestry and Wildlife Management (Wildlife major) and going to graduate school very soon.
I am passionate about learning new skills and GIS is definitely one that will boost my academic career in Wildlife Management/conservation. While I have a prior knowledge in using QGIS and ArcGis, but they are all basic.
So I am excited about learning with you guys, meeting new people and sharing ideas.

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Hi everyone,

My name is Hilal and I am from Malaysia. I did my master degree in Universiti Sains Malaysia in marine sciences. right now working with chemical manufacturer as field service executive. my research in my master degree related to microalgae in tropical region. I did use QGIS just to draw my sampling site location in map. I would like to learn more of using QGIS in this course.