Introduce yourself!

Kia ora Pye
It is good to see someone wanting to study entomology as this is badly needed and I am sure that using GIS will be extremely beneficial for this type of study. Nga mihi, nui Craig (Rotorua)

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Kia ora Emma
Pleased to see another Kiwi doing this course, along with Pye. Did you ever get a chance to meet Phil Bishop as he was really into amphibians. I was sorry to read that he passed away recently. Good luck with your studies and I think Lucy’s course will be helping many of us to learn GIS. Good luck, Craig (Rotorua)

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Hi everyone!
My name is Mariana and I’m currently finishing my studies in Biology in Cochabamba, Bolivia. I’m about to get my
bachelor’s degree and I’m specializing in carnivors (more specifically, felids). I’ve been learning Qgis by my own, by watching videos on Youtube, but it has been hard, so this course came perfect for me!

Hi Craig,
Yes it’s great there’s a few of us kiwis here!
I was fortunate enough to get to know Phil quite well as I was with him in Brunei for a month surveying frogs when I went last year. He was a major influence in my love for herps, especially frogs! It was very sad when he passed away. Did you know him?
And good luck to you in this course too!
Emma :slight_smile:

Hi Maria! I’m a biologist and I’m willing to work with carnivores from Bolivia. Looking forward to know more from the project you talk about!

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Hi, @JorgeReyesD nice to hear from you.

Hi Mariana!
Nice to meet you. Yes of course, when you want, we can to talk about. :wink:

HI Emma

Yes, I knew Phil well as we worked together on Fijian ground frogs when I worked at USP in Fiji. I am pleased to see someone working on frogs as there are only a handful of people doing this. Unfortunately, I don’t as I work on invasive species, rats, wallabies, possums etc. I did also work on cane toads when in Fiji. Good luck with your studies. Cheers Craig

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Hi everyone,

My name is Alicia, and I am a Taiwanese who is currently based in the US.

I have a BS in Biomedical Engineering and worked on different biomedical research projects in the US and Singapore for a few years before realizing that the issues I want to solve are in environmental and wildlife conservation. I then co-founded a plastic biodegradation start-up which has just shut down, but I am eager to continue working towards the protection and conservation of wildlife.

I have been volunteering with some local environmental groups to try to build up some conservation field skills while also looking for work. I hope that learning QGIS will help me better transition into wildlife conservation, as well as learn more about the field in general.

Nice to meet you all.

I am studying Geology and GIS is very important, so I want to familiarise myself with it. I’m very open to discussions and advice. I’m studying at the University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN)

Hi everyone I’m Zonke Nxumalo from South Africa KZN currently a BA environmental management student,I’m looking forward to learn more about GIS

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Nicola, I am from Scotland and recently started a new job for Bunloit Rewilding Project, based at Loch Ness. I am have a background in agriculture and ecology, with an MSc in Ecology and Conservation. I have done research with drones in the rainforests of Sabah, Malaysia and have volunteered on habitat restoration projects in Kalimantan, Indonesia. I have also worked for years as a ranger across Scotland. My current role is to measure biodiversity and carbon across a Scottish Estate and manage the estate to sink more carbon, increase biodiversity and create rural employment. I am very interested in the ecology of habitat restoration in a temperate and tropical forest context. GiS will help me track changes, spatial and temporal across the estate and let us know if our management is working.
Great to read about all the other projects and parts of the world people are coming from on this platform.

Hi I am Angela, from the Philippines. I became a marine conservation ecologist to “save the Earth” and I hope what I do on a daily basis helps that, somehow!

I am currently working in Japan as a post-doctoral researcher for blue carbon (mangroves and seagrasses) in the Philippines and Indonesia. I learned GIS many years ago and need a refresher to make nice maps and for spatial analysis of small scale fishers of mangroves and seagrasses.

In my free time, I try to chase waves around Hokkaido on my surfboard and explore the natural landscape of this island, cook and taste many styles of food, and when inspired, play some music.

Hi Everyone,

I’m Delmond, a graduate of Tourism ,Environmental Practices and Wildlife Management and I am currently working in Sanparks Biodiversity Social Projects. I have been using Arc GIS for some time now but I still need to expand my knowledge and reach my full potential in GIS.

Hi everyone, my name is Chiara and I live in Cambodia, I took a class on GIS in university but I forgot almost everything and last year I had to learn it again for a project at work and I had hard time doing it all by myself, so now I am here to learn the proper way to use this really useful program.

@Hannah detailed instructions and QGIS screenshots on this page of one of my May refresher courses (under revision, so may be republished at a different url on a later date). If you have many files to hunt through, after you’ve gone to Layer > Add Layer > Add Vector Layer..., and clicked on the ... button to choose the source, before you look for the file, select GPS eXchange Format (GPX) from the dropdown box in the bottom right of the Open OGR Supported Vector Dataset(s) pop-up. This will make QGIS only show you .gpx files

Thank you for this, I will have a go!

Dear Lucy.
I was born and raised in a small village Disho, Ethiopia, and joined conservation work at my early age before 20 years fully employed with Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme(EWCP).
I have been working with EWCP as Community Leader and North Manager responsible for various community livelihood activities in different community conservation and protected area such as Guassa Community Conservation Area and Simien Mountain National Park. I am enthusiastic and passionate for biodiversity conservation and community development in Ethiopia hoppoing better brighter for my country and the world as a whole. i am working tirelessly to be true patriot and exceptional conservation champion for my country and, for wildlife tourism to fulfill my life vision. I am part of the EWCP family in Ethiopia with huge responsibility to oversee all community conservation works in North Ethiopia. So, if i will get this QGIS trainning confedtially it will help me for my future conservatio work.

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Welcome @fekadulema - lovely to see you here. As you know, Dinsho is a place close to my heart