Introduce yourself!

Hey, everyone! My name is Aric, and I ama recent graduate from the MNRS program at Colorado State University. I am trying to gain a foundation in GIS as I look to change career paths. I look forward to learning with you all.

I learnt about this course through a friend. I am new to both Conservation and GIS; I am looking to expand my horizons and learn new skills.

Hi, its a little bit late but hopefully i can still catch up with everything. im still a student currently in my final sem and would be happy to learn more on qgis to enhance my skill to up my game in contributing back to my own community

Hello, I am an Australian wildlife veterinarian. I am looking to gain skills to help me become more involved with free ranging wildlife.

My Name Is Sibusiso Ngubane From South Africa looking forward to learn more about GIS.

Hi everyone i am siyabonga,Thanks so much to Lucy’s initiative course of QGIS and i am looking forward to learn and gain information about GIS

Hello, Mandaha Maemu a tourist guide, also part time student in Criminology field

Hi Everyone,

Apologies for this late introduction. I just had to keep-on with the week’s module hoping I could always do the introduction at some point.

I am Michael Ekwemuka, a PhD student from Nigeria. I have worked on several ecological and conservation projects were the need for building maps always arise. While I have some basic level knowledge on GIS application, I feel its not enough to help me achieve indept project goals. As I progress with my PhD, I have come to realize the fundamental importance of having this skill in analyzing my data as I will be dealing with lots of remote sensing stuffs.
One thing I appreciate the most in this group is the technical diversity in the use of GIS applications. Based on this, I will be soliciting assistance from experts during and after the course when I “hit the rock”.


Glad being here.
From Rwanda Wildlife Conservation Association (RWCA), in Rwanda. I work as Field Ecologist for Bat Project.

Hi everyone,

My name is Jose Luis Landivar. I recently got my Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering in 2020. I work as a Research Associate at Texas A&M AgriLife. Currently working with UAV data for precision agriculture.

Happy to be taking this course. Thank you for the experience!

Hello, I work managing conservation projects for threatened species… for a Critically Endangered bird (mangrove finch) in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, and seabird and forest native species here in southern Aotearoa, New Zealand. My work is with Conservation NGOs. I am also doing a PhD analysing the data from the past 10 years of our conservation management for the mangrove finch, back at university after 17 years. I have used GIS in the past and this introductory course is an excellent way for me to refresh my skills and also learn a lot of new techniques that I have not used before.

Hi all, I’m glad to be there,
I’m a veterinarian and master student in medical biochemistry, from Madagascar. I’m starting to work in mapping and I would like to be skilled and more confident in using Q_Gis. Thanks you so much!

Good day

I am Phathutshedzo Netshivhulana from Tshaulu in Limpopo province, South African. I studied Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Venda. During the years of studying. I did Geography: Cartography, Map; Geography: Elements of Remote Sensing and GIS in Planning. I am looking forward to learning more about GIS/QGIS

Hi there,

I’m an Environmental Educator and my degree is in wildlife management. My days are very busy between work and home.

I have taken a GIS course when I was attending school using ArcGIS. I liked the course but it was confusing since lab days and lectures were completely separate. I liked being able to use visuals to map habitat areas for animals. I used gps data collected to map home ranges for deer and aerial maps for determining the best location for bax boxes. I’m hoping that I can get refreshed and be able to use the information in the future.

Hi, my name is Elisa Panjang from Sabah, Malaysia Borneo. Currently, I am doing my PhD at Cardiff University, UK, and my fieldwork is based in Sabah. My research focus is landscape ecology and behavioural response of the Sunda pangolin (Manis javanica) in fragmented and degraded forests. I am interested to join this course to explore and expand my knowledge in GIS.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Hello everyone, I’m Olasuyi Kehinde from Nigeria. I am a graduate of Forestry and Wood Technology from Federal University of Technology, Akure. I have basic knowledge on QGIS which I learnt from school. I would like to learn more about GIS as I am interested in usng it for my MSC programs.

Hello Gabriela.
Nice to meet you and welcome.
Yes, my PhD is about the impact of land-use change on amphibian assemblage. I wanted to identify the different land-use types and how I can survey the frogs within each habitat.
Best wishes

Apologies for the late introduction.

My name is Jessica Stephens.

I am a full-time Honours student at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, South Africa. I attained by undergraduate degree in 2020 and graduated with a BSc in Biodiversity and Ecology.

I am currently doing my mock thesis on seagrass restoration in South Africa and have been developing a tissue culture system for our species of interest over the past few months. I really hope to find a conservation-related job/internship for the year 2022 and believe that improving my knowledge base within the field - and becoming familiar with GIS - will help me achieve this going forwards.

I am excited to learn more over the course of the next few weeks!

Hi Everyone,

Apologies for this late introduction. My name is Gil Angelo a student of Bachelor of Science in Biology.
This course have introduce to us by our instructors. She said that we should take this course so that we learn and understand on visualizing data and mapping that possible can be use for our thesis and other subject field activity specially on the ecology. Also, taking this course serves as part of our On the Job Training (OJT).
It is my first time to enter on this course and I hope that I will enjoy and learn a lot of thing on this.

good luck everyone,

Hi everyone
I have an honors degree in natural resources management with Bindura University, currently doing a masters in biodiversity conservation with Chinhoyi Universitity of Technology in Zimbabwe. I did a module on GIS and Remote Sensing during my undergrad but forgot some of the concepts. I believe after the completion this course will gain more skills and knowledge which is goin to help during my studies.

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