Additional GIS topics during module 4

Please vote on your top 3 topics so that I can create additional learning resources to meet your needs before the OE4BW beginner course ends. I’ll add one new topic every weekday in the final week of the course (05-09 July 2021)

The poll will close automatically at 11:00 GMT on Thursday 8th, but early votes will determine the topics covered Mon-Wed! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

What are your GIS learning priorities beyond the beginner course?
  • Create data by importing from my own spreadsheet
  • Join data from one layer to another e.g. the landcover class or management zone a sighting occurs in
  • Create data by digitizing - draw features from a basemap
  • Transfer data to/from a GPS - transects, locations for next field survey etc
  • Find free environmental data - weather, satellite imagery, DEM etc
  • Creating a heatmap - density from points
  • Add different basemaps to QGIS
  • Choose an appropriate SRS for my area
  • More detail on raster & vector file types

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One area that may of interest is use of topographic data for terrain modelling.
Happy to answer any questions on this topic covering generating surface models from spot heights, slope and aspect calculation, line of sight and viewshed calculations etc.


The first additional topic, Transferring data to/from a GPS, should appear automagically in the Resources module tonight at midnight BST

Our second additional topic, on importing your own field data, is now live here: Introducing GIS for conservation | Import field data.

I see that finding free environmental data and digitising are also popular topics, and I’m working on extra resources for them

The third additional topic, Finding free environmental data can be found here Introducing GIS for conservation | Find environmental data

We also invite your contributions to our collaborative database if you’re aware of other useful sources of free geospatial data not already included. You can add them here: Introducing GIS for conservation | Add new data sources

I’m afraid I’ve run out of time to cover digitizing (a large topic!) this week, but I will add resources on that and update the page on choosing an SRS later this month

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well done Jonatan. You so understand very well QGIS. Keep it up!