Advanced GIS course

Hi everyone and @LucyTallents in particular,

I’m so happy with this course that I can’t help wondering: will the chance of an advanced GIS course be there in the next weeks/months? :slight_smile:

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I’m glad you’re enjoying it, @MV_Marra ! There is definitely a more advanced GIS course in the pipeline, but early next year is a more realistic timeline given the time it takes to develop the learning materials, and the fact that I need to spend time earning a living too :wink:

Related to that, I’ll be creating a poll later this week to invite opinions on what GIS/QGIS techniques are of most immediate interest to this community. I’m aiming to add one new learning resource to the course every day next week, based on the community vote. More on that soon!


@LucyTallents I’m so much happy with this wonderful course (GIS).
I’ve been able to gain basic knowledge of what GIS is all about
I will be grateful if you recommend me to be of advance GIS in the coming weeks

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That’s all brilliant Lucy, thank you so much for that!!! I can only imagine how much effort it takes to put the course together - the simpler it looks for us the more work for you most likely! I’ll definitely keep my eyes open to see when you post an ad about an advanced course in the future, and thank you so much in advance for all the additional material that you are going to share with us in the next days!

What about learning how to use Arc GIS… Am really interested in learning Arch gis maping and modelling wildlife resources

@powellndlovu-96 - Hi Powell, If you want some help in using ArcGIS, then WildlifeAct offer a Mapping for conservationist course that has exercises that can be run on ArcGIS or QGIS (Mapping as a Tool for Conservationists - Wildlife ACT). I can also offer one-to-one training sessions on using ArcGIS/ArcPro - I’ve been an ESRI ArcGIS user for over 20 years.