Angelshark learning circle

Angelshark, Squatina squatina

Hi Angelsharks! Welcome to your learning circle. Your study period is 00:00 to 04:00 UTC

Hi, how does this learning circle works? Do I just create a topic or response ?

hello can i join the circle?

Hello, how can I join the learning circle?

Hi @Mandabee, @Prichard_Bhebhe and @luis_r97. Now that several of you have indicated you’d like to form a learning circle that studies at this time of day, it’s up to you how you organise yourselves. You could:

  1. Communicate with each other (and anyone else who joins this circle) by replying here, making sure that you’re Watching this topic to receive notifications by email (see button below)
  2. Arrange a time to meet by video call and work through the exercises together - I suggest Jitsi or Whereby. Of course you can use Zoom/Google etc if you wish, but I prefer to make people aware of privacy-respecting options
  3. Set up a WhatsApp/Signal/Telegram group for instant chat. Remember that this community is public, so if you’re sharing telephone numbers or email addresses etc, I recommend doing so by direct message to each other rather than posting them here

If you decide to work together in another way, let us know - it’s always good to hear how people communicate and collaborate!