How can we create vector layer polygons?

I’m trying my best to do a map of my own field datasets in parallel to studying and making the assignments of GIS/modules 1-4/. I just want to ask you "how can I create a polygon( vector layer project boundary) for my own field data in the first place that show the boundaries of my project working area like the one we’ve downloaded and worked on- Che Tao NR Boundary- to add into my QGIS project?

Hi Misrak, thanks for posting your question here.

I’ll be adding instructions on how to create polygons to the course in the next couple of days. In the meantime, here are some hints:

  1. Import the point locations as .csv
  2. Use the QGIS tool Points to path to convert them to lines
  3. Use the QGIS tool Lines to polygons to convert the lines to polygons. This should also work on tracks imported from a GPS as .gpx