How to import new raw data in qgis

I would like to know how can i import my new raw data in qgis.and what type of information should my data poses?

Can you tell us more about your data, @Sulemani ?

  • How was it collected?
  • In what file format is the raw data now?
  • What do you need to do with it once in QGIS?

Then I can tell you if we will cover this later in the course, or if I can follow up later with more specific advice

Coral reef assesment using line transect,types of substrate and forms, depth,all information are in excel

Thanks - module 3 includes instructions on how to add field observations to QGIS from a text file e.g. .csv or .txt (easy to save in these formats from Excel). If you struggle to adapt those instructions to your needs next week, or have different vector formats e.g. the line transects themselves, reply here and we’ll follow up