IS Module 2 intro to GIS supposed to be a separate GIS project?

On module 2, I will like to find out if we suppose to start a new GIS project or we continue on Module 1’s project. thank you.

my image looks so confused.

I have the same concern. Hope we can get answers

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hi dear Great job im still struggling with module one but im almost done

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What I read on page 3 of the module is the following: “Let’s work with a vector layer in QGIS, and adjust the way the gibbon distribution polygons are displayed”. So to me it seems like we need to continue with the Gibbon dataset from module 1.

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I recommend continuing with the same project - this will give you more practice changing the visibility and order of layers, and make sure you have all the previous layers easily available for each exercise


@Louisan @LucyTallents thank you so much, I was a bit getting lost there.