Module 1 XYZ tiles

Hey everyone,

i’m a little behind, but i can’t seem to see the XYZ satellite to view in my project. I followed the steps and the layer is there, but it’s not loading.
Any ideas why not?



Hi, Nicola.

I’m a beginner in QGIS but maybe I can help you. Did you follow all the steps in Module 1?

Add a base map to your QGIS project as follows:

  1. Layer > Add Layer > Add XYZ Layer...
  2. In the XYZ Connections pop-up, click the New button
  3. In the Connection Details pop-up, add Name as OpenStreetMap and URL as{z}/{x}/{y}.png
  4. Click OK, Add and Close
  5. Drag the base map down to the bottom of the Layers panel

And as you know, our base map is Open Street Map. Maybe there were problems with the internet connection and the map didn’t fully load. So you could try again by copying the URL in the Connection Details pop-up. Or try playing with hiding and unhiding some layers (especially Land Cover and Open Street Map). Maybe they are there, but they’re under one another.

Hope some of this helps.



Thanks Tamara,

they layer had loaded, but was hiding under other ones, managed to work it out,


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