Module Three Gibbon Survey 2 Data

Hello everyone,

I’m struggling to export the GibbonSightings_Survey2 data as a geojson. I have the point data for the CSV displayed on my map but when I try to export it using the instructions in the “Save .csv as .geojson” section in Reprojecting, I keep getting the error message below. I’m wondering if it has to do with where I have the original CSV saved? Any help would be appreciated!
Screen Shot 2021-07-05 at 3.45.12 PM

Sorry all!

After struggling with it for longer than I’d like to admit I realized I hadn’t selected the source csv (GibbonSightings_Survey2) and had been trying to name the output layer where I should have been selecting the source file! So problem solved!


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Thanks for sharing the solution, Joe!

A learner on a previous course had the same problem, but when she solved it herself she couldn’t tell me what she’d done differently (I confess I was unable to figure out why it was failing), so it’s really helpful to know from you.

Often the problem is either trying to save a layer over a file that is already open (it will have a “file lock” on so it cant be overwritten when open), or that they are trying to save to a windows/IOS system folder which will not have “write” permissions - the key here is to select a “user” folder for the layer to go into rather than just typing the name of the layer (if its the first time people are using QGIS, the “default” folder path will be to the system folder where QGIS has been installed).

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