QGIS on my phone?

Is it possible to download the software on the phone for those that do not have a system

HI AnnaCharis,
It may be possible to “download” the installation files on to a phone for later transfer on to a laptop for installation, but QGIS is not designed to run on mobile devices (there is no Android version).
What is possible to use on mobile devices such as mobile phones is “QField” (for Android) or “Input” (for IOS). These are “cut down” versions of QGIS designed to allow you use your mobile device for data input during field survey. They are not a “replacement” for QGIS, but work together allowing field survey data collection to be incorporated into your QGIS project easily and quickly.


Thanks for the response I will download it ASAP

Hi Jonahtan,

I am jumping here to ask a question. It’s good to know that “mobile” version of QGIS exist. I feel like this will help me to collect data and start playing around QGIS more. When transferring the data from QField to be used in QGIS, is there any transformation necessary regarding the format?
Thank you for sharing your experience with us


HI Tinah, Just to clarify first off, Qfield isnt a mobile “version” of QGIS, it is a partner product that integrates with QGIS but provides different functionality designed specifically for field data collection.
In terms of data formats, then whatever formats you have designed your QGIS project with, these will work with QField to allow data collection, then these same files/formats can be transferred back to QGIS for further mapping work.
Hope this helps.


It is possible to install QGIS app on my phone

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No, it’s not possible to install QGIS on phones or tablets. QGIS is a fully functional software for managing, visualising and analysing spatial data - small devices simply don’t have the processing power to run QGIS, and it would be virtually impossible to use it on such a small screen

Just to add to Lucy’s reply - while the QGIS software is not designed to run on mobile devices, there are other apps that link in to QGIS to allow the mobile device to be used for field survey. Apps such as QField (available as an Android app) allows a pre-setup QGIS project tp be opened on the mobile device and use this as a basis for collection of field survey data (eg through capturing points via the GPS service on your device or digitising a line or polygon). This “field survey” data can then be transferred back to your laptop/computer and used directly within QGIS, and in some set-ups allows direct export to a “cloud” service for real-time data collection and mapping “back at base”.