Module 1 assignment: Introduction to GIS/QGIS

Submit your GIS beginners Module 1 assignment by replying to this post. Remember to include:

  1. A screenshot of your QGIS project :camera:
  2. A paragraph briefly describing your progress towards your learning goal :writing_hand:
  3. Any problems you encountered and solved :grey_question:

You also need to offer feedback to your fellow learners. Reply to someone with:

  1. Positive feedback: What have they done well?
  2. Suggestion or question: How can they improve or extend what they’ve done? Is there something they can clarify?
  3. Reflection: What have you learned from their work?

Thanks for having me, please point out any error.


This module was very easy to read and understand although for some reason after adding the ‘Land Cover’ layer this stopped my other layers showing even after rearranging them to be on top. I fixed this by just removing those layers and re-adding them. This has helped me to understand how layers work and can be manipulated for the work I will be doing using GPS tracks.


Dear Mates, I am so impressed with the studying material so far and how simple and clear the instructions are. So far I have not encountered any difficulties. I will recommend that we all read with understanding, in that way you will find the module doable.
below is how far I have learnt today.

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Hi @EKOLE, good work. I see you have lot on your task bar, which means you have not yet filtered your tool bar. I have found it simple to work when there is less buttons on the tool bar. your are coming right, lets keep it going.
@Hannah clean work mate!!! :ok_hand: :star2:

This modul was useful becuase of some tips what can never be found on blogs. Such as file organization matters. If I organize my files all to the same place it make things easier for QGIS, therefore it will be easier for me too.
I had no problems during this part.


Nice work!

How do you make QGIS balck? My boss like when programs are black while they use less energy to display.

Thanks you in advance!

Hi everyone,

here’s mine

Found it really nice and clear as well - and things are slowly coming back to me which is a nice :slight_smile: great about the reminder that you can reorder layers too

@Hannah I’d also love to know this - apparently having black backgrounds etc. can help your eyes when you’re sat at a screen for long periods of time.

it was a great explanatory introductory module where I got to learn the basics of adding data browsing through my layers and using the identity tool to get more information about the given vector data


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I really enjoyed this introduction to QGIS. I think this course will be very helpful for my future goals and objectives. I do have a question as to why the distribution layer is set above the land cover layer. Does anyone have feedback as to why it would be organized in this way?


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Yes, I completely agree. Placing different projects into easy-to-understand files and sub-files is a great way to keep them organized and will help prevent confusion as we continue to add different projects to QGIS. Great point!

Keep it up!


I found this module very helpful for learning the basics of QGIS. I am now confident that I can add and manipulate layers as well as filter these layers to best display the data. In the next module I would like to use my own data and see if I can get similar results.

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Hi @Khensani_Mhlanga! Looks like you did a great job with this module. I also didn’t realize that you can add data browsing via Open Street Map, and I’m sure that this feature will be very useful in the future. Keep up the good work!

Hi! I actually don’t know, mine is just like that but I’ll have a look now!

Maybe this will help?

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I think mine is just dark because my laptop is in dark mode!

Hi, Here is my work!

I think the instructions were very clear and easy to follow, so I don’t have problems achieving the goals until here. Very helpful instructions indeed. Thank you so much.
Excited to continue!

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Hi, @foggygoggle, your comment caught my attention, cause I didn’t know this function either. I totally agree with you, very helpful indeed!
And seeing your work, I think you did a great job with this module. Congrats!

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