Problem downloading GeoJSON

Hi Lucy,

I tried with different browsers and the extension but I am still unable to download the Gibbon survey. Can you please send a zipped file for the Gibbon so that I can try from there?




I’ve added a zipped version of the Gibbon sightings geojson here now: Introducing GIS for conservation | Gibbon case study

Good day,

I need assistance. I am unable to download the Gibbon sightings survey data. I managed to download the Nomascus distribution.

Can someone assist please?

I asked @deboragemm to post her issue here, after she emailed me this screenshot:

@Craig emailed me about a similar issue:


Both of these are caused by your computers not recognising GeoJSON files, and either not knowing what software to open the file with, or trying to open it with an inappropriate software, e.g. Adobe. The solution is simply to save the file rather than attempt to open it (you may need to change your browser defaults to set it to save files with the .geojson extension), and continue with the QGIS exercise instructions. QGIS knows what do to with GeoJSON files! :partying_face:

I downloaded the zip drive and the gibbons survey but the file will not open. It just looks like pages and pages of code. I am on windows 10.

@sara.zarate, can you provide more information or a screenshot? Do you mean that QGIS cannot open the file, or that your computer is trying to open it with another software? If you’re unzipping, you just need to extract its contents into your GIS project folder - you don’t need to open it. You’ll add the .shp file to your QGIS project in the next step

Hi Lucy, I had a problem extracting files downloaded. I can’t do anything.

Hi Lucy,

Can I also have the zipped file for the Land cover?

I am unable to open it as well.

Thank you


@deboragemm , I’ve added as a download option on this page: Introducing GIS for conservation | Layers panel

I’ve also created a Resources page with zip files & download urls for Modules 1 & 2: Introducing GIS for conservation | Gibbon datasets