Requesting help with the GIS course

@estateworkerwill - I’m drafting a ‘Resources’ page which will contain download links to all of the data files. The course materials are more complicated - can you tell me what your ideal solution would be? I might be able to write a script to generate a series of files from the course webpage

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Please l need help to do my assignment.
Have not been able to install QGIS.

I haven’t done my assignment.
Someone should advice me on what to do

Thanks in anticipation and God bless.

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thank you Anna! Found it :pray:t4:

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Ok 2.18 or 3.16 version
Which one is the right version or the one we are using on the course

Have you managed to install QGIS now, @Kingsleychekwube ? You seem to have uploaded a screenshot succesfully here Module 1 assignment: Introduction to GIS/QGIS - #379 by Kingsleychekwube

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3.16, as per Introducing GIS for conservation | Install QGIS

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@estateworkerwill here’s the link to Resources I’ve also created a Resources page with zip files & download urls for Modules 1 & 2: Introducing GIS for conservation | Gibbon datasets

Note that some files e.g. the Che Tao NR boundary from Protected Planet need to be downloaded directly from them as they don’t support redistribution of their data

I am already so confused. I have no idea what “unzip” means, how to do this. No idea how to create a new folder on QGIS. No idea how to store these files on QGIS specifically. The layer menu also does not give me an option to “add layer”…

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No worries @ynez.

  1. .zip files are compressed files. One shares a compressed file when the data is too large to be sent normally. As compressed files get easily downloaded, once downloaded you just have to unzip/extract them. Right-click on the downloaded .zip file and click on extract/unzip, once done you will get your data on which you can work upon easily. In case your system does not have the option of unzipping then you can download trial free WinZip software from Google.

  2. I hope you have downloaded QGIS 3.16 as asked by Lucy.

  3. You have to make a New Folder on your system and not on QGIS. So that all your tutorial-related data or work you can save in one directory.

4.Open your software and click on Project on the menu bar and select New. Now, you have a blank canvas on which you can work. On the same menu bar click on Layer, a drop-down list will appear, there select on Add layer > Add vector layer > then follow as per module 1 instructions.

  1. Once your project is ready, save it. For this, Project > Save As. Give a name to your file and save it in the folder you created earlier (step2).

Hope this will you, if stuck do let us know.

Thanks & Regards,

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HI Ynez - what computer device and operating system are you using ? (Laptop/Computer , Windows, IOS, Linux).
Folder creation and Unzipping (or extracting) zip files are basic computing processes (they are not just GIS or QGIS functions).
For example, in Windows 10, use Windows explorer to navigate to where you want the zipped file to be located. Right click within the window and choose “new/Folder”. drag and drop or copy and paste the Zip file into this location, then right click on the zip file and select “Extract All” to unzip the contents of the zip file into the specified folder location.

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I went to your Resource page and clicked on [] but could not download anything because the file was empty. Could you please put files inside the zip folder?

The other links for Module 2 led me directly to the webpages to download manually, which I was able to do after some trial and error.

Thank you Lucy.

@angelalquiros , I’ve just corrected a typing error from yesterday that caused a problem with downloading the Module 2 .zip - you should be able to download it properly now.

Thanks for alerting me to the problem!

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Please ma, l can’t find the page where to submit my module 2 Assignment.