Requesting help with the GIS course

Let us know if you’re stuck during the GIS course, and I or other community members will do our best to help you. Create a new topic in the Learn > GIS Category and tag it with help-needed

Be aware that Lucy or VerdantLearn cannot advise on QGIS installation issues - it is your responsibility to install QGIS before starting the course. However, you can describe your installation issues and tag your post with install-software in the hope that someone else in the community may be able to help

If you encounter a problem with the GIS course materials (broken link, typo, instructions don’t make sense…), please let us know in the Collaborate category. Thank you :heart:


Quick question–is it necessary for me to have my own GIS data to work on to get the most out of this course?


Hi @Anna I’m not sure if you’ve started the course material yet but there’s a data set provided which it looks like many of us are using and I’ll be using it for the length of the course rather than my own data set - hope that helps.


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Hi @LucyTallents

Thanks for creating this course and for your time :blush:

Is there a website/page I can access that lists of course materials and files? I am following the course on a work windows computer and creating my project on personal mac.


Hi Everyone

Please help me locate the course material. I understood it would be available on the 11th of June, and I see others are sharing screenshots of their progress but I cannot find the course material with either data or instructions.

thank you for your help in advance!

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Hi Merlyn, I received an automatic email from @LucyTallents on June 11 with a link to the course material. This was mine: Introducing GIS for conservation Maybe check and see if the email got caught in a spam filter?


@MAC, thanks for answering @Anna’s question :clap: You’re absolutely right - we provide spatial datasets from a case study on gibbons ont the course website, so you can complete the course even if you don’t have your own field data, or your data are not ready to use in QGIS


@Anna, lovely to see you ‘paying it forward’ by helping @Merlyn in return! :heart: Initially I only provided the course url on the pre-course survey page after people had submitted their responses, but now everyone should have received an email with a link to the course website

@estateworkerwill - I’m drafting a ‘Resources’ page which will contain download links to all of the data files. The course materials are more complicated - can you tell me what your ideal solution would be? I might be able to write a script to generate a series of files from the course webpage

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Please l need help to do my assignment.
Have not been able to install QGIS.

I haven’t done my assignment.
Someone should advice me on what to do

Thanks in anticipation and God bless.

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thank you Anna! Found it :pray:t4:

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Ok 2.18 or 3.16 version
Which one is the right version or the one we are using on the course

Have you managed to install QGIS now, @Kingsleychekwube ? You seem to have uploaded a screenshot succesfully here Module 1 assignment: Introduction to GIS/QGIS - #379 by Kingsleychekwube

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3.16, as per Introducing GIS for conservation | Install QGIS

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