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Hi everyone,

I’m Lucy Tallents, the founder of VerdantLearn and instigator of this capacity building community. I’m also the creator of the open course, “Introduction to GIS for conservation” which you’re probably studying if you’ve landed here in June 2021!

I first learned GIS back in 2000, and have been using or teaching it ever since. I think maps are a great way to communicate messages visually, and the potential of GIS is increasing all the time as more environmental big data become available. I hope to help you take your first steps using these powerful tools for understanding and conserving biodiversity

[edit, 10 June] If you’d like to introduce yourself to everyone else on the beginner GIS course, the best place is by replying to the ‘Introduce yourself’ post here, so your self-introduction will show on our course website as well as here on the community site :rocket:


Thank you very much Lucy for this initiative and for the time and energy you have invested in making it happen. I am very excited, and eager to learn and collaborate as much as possible in the development of the course.

Francisco Álvarez-Vargas


Welcome, @FranciscoAlvarez ! Good to have you and everyone else here :handshake:

I’ve just activated the user map for this community, which we’ll use instead of adding locations to our self-introductions topics

Perhaps you, @szabo.borbala, @Sumbede_Anthoine , @Mustluvowls , @Wisdom , @ulnberg @Rutuja_Bhatade , @colen_zulu , @Seneiya-2021, @aumcc , @frcamillerivera , @Karlin and @audrey could update your profile to include your location?

See Introducing GIS for conservation | Community forum on the course website for instructions if you’re not sure how to edit your profile

Thanks :smiley:


I updated my location.

Best wishes,


Thank you Lucy for this wonderful idea. I am looking forward to learn about GIS


Hi Lucy,
Good day am sorry I missed the first lesson, how do catch up?

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Nothing is on a fixed timetable here, Ekole - you can ‘catch up’ with this week’s learning activities whenever suits you this week


I’m Abraham Terna,
From North Central Nigeria.
I’m an undergraduate.

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Hi everyone I am here as to learn the basics of GIS (a beginner)

Thank you Lucy for this great platform. Looking forward to a great learning experience!

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